5 Exciting Ways an Electric Bike Can Instantly Replace Your Car


This has always been an interesting topic to me.

And I get asked millions (or it seems like it) of questions about if an electric bike can actually replace your car.

Here’s 5 reasons (in my opinion) why it can:

1. Transportation

Let’s just address the elephant in the room.

Riding an electric bike and riding in a car are two completely different experiences.

Ride in a car?

It feels like you’re riding in a metal box with minimal fresh or air conditioned air, as you view life through a windshield. 

Ride an electric bike? 

You’ll feel the breeze in your face the entire time, you see everything in real life color, and you’re free to roam where a car couldn’t.

2. Parking

This is a HUGE one (especially in major cities)

In fact, after some research on my own, I found that people living in NYC pay nearly $400 per month for parking alone.

Whatever the case, you’ll almost always have to pay for parking with a car (depending where you live)

And you’ll almost never have to pay for parking with an electric bike.

Electric bikes win the parking argument by a longshot.

3. Time

Said to be one of the most important assets we have on this earth.

Time is everything.

And riding an electric bike can actually save you tons of it.

Think about if your typical commute took 30 minutes by car. Well, if you’re on an electric bike, you could take the bike trail instead (if you have access to one) and cut your commute by more than half.

It’s kind of crazy if you think about it.

4. Getting to unknown locations

This is by far my favorite one.

Of course, this varies depending on where you live, but many SONDORS owners have personally told me how they’ve discovered new places to adventure, even in the same area they’ve lived for years.

They discover new places to watch the sunset.

They discover new trails to explore.

And they open themselves up to a whole new world, all because of their electric bike.

5. The chance of meeting new people

This one ties with #4 as my favorite.

It blows my mind just how many people I’ve met from simply riding my electric bike around California.

My SONDORS has sparked conversations I never would’ve started otherwise.

It has led to meaningful relationships.

And if I only had a car?

These relationships would’ve never been formed.

The 5 reasons an electric bike is better than your car.


Anyway, there you have it.

Until next time, 

Storm Sondors

P.S. If you’d like to get started with all these benefits of owning an electric bike ‒‒ check out the SONDORS Fold X. It’s our best selling, foldable electric bike, and it’s been coined by many of our customers as the “most loved” electric bike out there.

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