5 Ways Owning An Electric Bike Can Save You Money

Owning and riding a SONDORS is not only exciting, there are undeniable cost-savings benefits that go along with it. Here are five ways that riding your SONDORS can save you money immediately...and in the long run.

— NO. 1 —

Gas Money Savings

With your SONDORS, it only costs a few cents to charge the battery, and one charge can last up to 60 miles. Because of its lightweight and powerful electric motor, it’s much more efficient than even the most efficient of cars. And when gas prices spike again, you can smile all the way to the bank.

— NO. 2 —

Time Savings

Time is money. When you consider the amount of time you spend sitting in traffic and looking for a parking spot, you’re actually tapping into a hefty amount of your resources. Riding your SONDORS in a big city is more efficient time-wise than driving a car, and is definitely more efficient than walking.

— NO. 3 —

Parking and Toll Savings

Between parking meters, parking garages, bridge and auto tollways--and tickets--you spend a good chunk of money. Your SONDORS has a free parking spot when locked to any post or taken indoors, and e-bikes are exempt from toll charges. Added bonus: You get to skip the expense of car insurance and the annual registration renewal fees.

— NO. 4 —

Health Savings

It’s well-known that e-bikes are a better form of exercise than a regular bike because you’re more likely to get out and ride more often and for longer distances. Riding your SONDORS is good for you both physically and mentally, and that means you’ll save a lot of money with long-term healthcare costs. You’ll live longer and live better.

— NO. 5 —

Inexpensive Recreation

SONDORS are a blast to ride! If you opt to get on your e-bike instead of going to costly gyms and exercise classes, your pocketbook will surely benefit. Riding your SONDORS also ensures you’ll fill your adventure-seeking quota, not to mention getting fresh air and enjoying stellar views.

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