Don’t Bake Your SONDORS Battery

Here’s a question we hear from some people debating whether a SONDORS is right for them:

“I live in an extremely hot place, where should I store my SONDORS once I get one?”

This is a great question.

Because I know many people think this is a big problem.

And can be.

But there’s a very simple solution.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Your SONDORS itself will be fine in extreme temperatures, but the most important thing you need to consider is the battery ‒‒‒ because your SONDORS battery is everything.

What a lot of people do, is keep their battery installed at all times, but this is not always the best choice.


Because if you live where temperatures hit extreme highs (100°F+), and you decide to continually store your SONDORS battery in those same temperatures, you’re essentially baking your battery ‒‒‒ and it will slowly but surely cause damage, and potentially destroy your battery. 

A good rule of thumb:

If you typically store your SONDORS in a garage or shed that feels like an oven, make it a habit to remove the battery when it’s not in use.

Simply take it out, store and charge it inside your home or in a temperature controlled room, and reinstall it next time you're ready to ride. 


If extreme temperatures are not your only problem, and you’re challenged by having enough storage’re in luck.

Because we have the SONDORS just for you.

And, this SONDORS has such compact-ability, it's been known to fit in the back of a "Smart car".

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