Earth Day The SONDORS Way

Happy Earth Day from SONDORS! Whether you’re an avid rider or new to our electric revolution—here are eight ways riding SONDORS improves our world.


1. Clean Energy

Simply put, SONDORS are good for the environment because they have a lower carbon footprint compared to conventional vehicles. Electric bikes are considered zero-emission vehicles and run on clean energy; with a single rider preventing the release of hundreds of pounds of carbon emissions each year.


2. Preventing Pollution

As zero-emission vehicles, SONDORS do not contribute to the pollution in the air. Over the past month during our global Safer At Home orders, we’ve seen countless pictures of clear skies in previously smog-ridden cities due to the simple fact that people haven’t been driving. In less than two weeks the world saw visible proof of just how clean the air can be by making the switch to alternative transportation like SONDORS.


3. Sustainable Energy

While charging your SONDORS battery does draw power from the power grid, you can opt to charge your SONDORS during off-peak hours (typically later in the day depending on your area), putting less of a strain on the power grid and preventing overuse. This is particularly important in high fire threat areas like California, where grid overuse can increase the potential of wildfires. It’s also cheaper to charge your battery during these times. Furthermore, if you charge your battery using solar power, your SONDORS then becomes 100% environmentally friendly.


4. Premium Batteries

One benefit of owning and riding SONDORS is that it produces very little waste. SONDORS batteries are long-lasting premium lithium-ion that do not contain lead. Great batteries = longer lifecycle = less waste + no pollution of harmful chemicals like lead. Good for the environment, and good for your wallet! 


5. Eco-Friendly Commuting

One of the main benefits we hear regularly from our riders is how their SONDORS transformed their journeys to and from work everyday. You don’t get hot and sweaty like you do on a regular bike AND your SONDORS can save you lots of time by getting you out of rush hour traffic and back home in a fraction of the time. In addition, riding electric not only gives you the obvious personal health benefits of daily exercise, but it has an immediate health impact on those around you. When a person travels by means of public transit, they must deal with more crowded conditions and can become exposed to harmful health hazards like COVID-19.


6. A Healthy and Sustainable Way to Have Fun

Commuting isn't the only reason why people ride electric. SONDORS are a FUN and effective way to get more people to enjoy the outdoors. Riding your SONDORS facilitates the release of stress and increases “Happy Hormones”: improving your memory, reducing eye strain, lowering blood pressure, increasing your focus, and boosting your immune system. Moreover, riding has been proven to make people more alert and responsive.


7. Riding SONDORS Requires Less Space and Fewer Roadways

As more cars fill the roads, more roads must be built and extra lanes added to existing ones. After a while this consumes open space which can destroy precious ecosystems and cause more water run-off which contributes to ground and water pollution.


8. No Sound Pollution

And the last and least obvious environmental benefit: noise reduction. In addition to reducing congestion on roadways, electric bikes are also quieter. Noise pollution, also known as environmental noise or sound pollution, is the propagation of noise with harmful impact on the activity of human or animal life. SONDORS do not emit any kind of sound – or very very little (think: a bee buzzing nearby). So say goodbye to harmful sound pollution and hello to peaceful adventures, no matter where you live or roam.


Since 2015, SONDORS has made premium electric bikes attainable, and has put more than 50,000 new riders on the road. Tens of thousands have purchased SONDORS without ever riding one, and now they’re obsessed. In 2020, our mission is on track to reach a fleet of 100,000.


Live well, be well.




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