eBike Owners Stranded at Sea

Not too long ago, I was watching a short documentary on Youtube.

It was about a man named Steve who was lost at sea for a horrifically long time.

(True story by the way)

Here’s what happened:

Steve was lying down to sleep in his sailboat when all of a sudden, a random storm came, destroyed his boat, and he ended up being stranded alone on a life raft for over 2 months with no other human in sight.

Day 1 of survival, he was fine.

Day 3, he was still hopeful someone would come to his rescue.

But around day 7, he was starting to go crazy. 

From what he knew, nobody was coming, and whenever he opened his raft, all he could see was endless miles of ocean.

I vividly remember his facial expression in this part of the documentary too.

Because things were starting to get VERY real.

He didn’t know if he was going to die of starvation or another cause.The only thing he knew, and pretty much accepted at this point was -- he was probably gonna die.

The small amount of “survival” supplies he packed?

Nearly all gone.

He had no food left.

No water left.

He was hopeless.

And the only way he was staying alive was using a couple leftover water filters he kept in his survival kit, and spearing fish that would swim by.

This day in and day out desperate attempt to stay alive continued for over 2 months, until one day his prayers were answered.

(Prayer mixed with some lucky I should say.)

Because on Day 76, the waves luckily pushed him in the direction of an island where he was rescued.

And the rest is history.

Now, the reason I told you this story?

Because this is what happens so many times when someone buys an electric bike.

They purchase it.

Get all excited about it.

And when it arrives, there are problems on day one.

Something gets damaged in shipment, it has a factory defect, a major part of the bike is malfunctioning, etc.

But since they’re hopeful, they look online for help, try to contact customer service, and they search for hours and hours -- only to be left hopeless with a non-functioning eBike.

They end up feeling stranded, praying someone will come to their rescue.

The worst part?

More often than not, they never find help.

It’s really sad to see it happen, too.

Because these people don’t deserve to get treated like dirt from a company, especially when they’ve spent their hard earned money.

It’s just plain wrong.


This is why I strongly advise buying into an electric bike brand that has a rock-solid support group.

And when you buy a SONDORS, you get just that. 

You join a family of over 9,300 happy customers in the “SONDORS Storm Facebook Group,” who can help you with any issues you’re having in real time, so you never have to feel hopeless.

Always remember this: 

When you buy a SONDORS, you aren’t buying an electric bike.

You’re buying one with a family behind it.

A family that has your back.

And more importantly, a family that has your bike.


More details on the SONDORS model that’s so portable you could probably fit it on a life raft, head here:


Photo by SONDORS Owner @Danyak101

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