Elon Musk’s lesson to you


You’ve had an epiphany before, right?

Well, I had one the other day.

A strange one too.

But if you have any goals you’d like to accomplish in 2020, you may want to read the next couple lines.

Alright... so what was my epiphany?

It was how I think about things differently…

(And strangely, like Elon Musk.)

How so?

Well, Elon never questioned “if” he could do something. He only questioned “when.”

When Elon created Tesla in 2003, he never questioned IF he’d sell 500,000 Tesla’s. The only question was WHEN.

He never delayed.

He just got started.

And even though it took him 13+ years to accomplish his goal, the moment he started, he never looked back.

And this is the exact same way I think too.

When the first SONDORS Electric Bike was released in 2015 (which thousands owners still ride to this day), I never questioned “if” we’ll reach 100,000 riders, I only questioned “when.”

I knew it’d take a couple years.

But we blew past 50,000 riders before we even knew it.

And that’s the entire lesson to you:

Whatever you’re trying to accomplish in 2020, start thinking like Elon Musk. 

(Stop questioning “if” you’ll accomplish your goal ‒‒ only question “when.”)

And, then get ready.

I hope your 2020 is off to an amazing start.


Storm Sondors


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