Fine-Tuning Your Fitness With SONDORS


 Did you know that you can ride your SONDORS to increase your fitness levels? An electric bike allows you to exercise without putting excessive strain on your joints and muscles so you can safely build your strength and fitness, even if you’ve not exercised for many years, or have health challenges. And many professional athletes are using e-bikes to train since they’re a great way to get in high intensity workouts within a short period of time.

So let’s take a look at how best to utilize the power of your SONDORS to increase your fitness, and explore the many benefits riding brings to support you living your best life:
Learn the three basics of riding to get fitter – overload, progression, and recovery. In short, push yourself a little beyond your limits, (overload), keep repeating this so you’ll be physically able to push yourself more, (progression), and then allow down time in proportion to the intensity with which you’ve been riding, (recovery). Don’t be mystified by the names of different training regimes such as Fartlek or interval training. They all follow these three basic principles.
The first type of training you can do is riding at a higher intensity - higher than a standard bike, but controlling the effort you’re putting in. One idea is to ride at a heart rate that’s within the range that burns fat and improves cardiovascular performance. Riding at high intensity without assistance might have you working at a level that you can’t maintain. That means your rides will be shorter and less effective. Yet with the use of pedal assistance, you can sit at a heart rate that’s much more useful for fat burning while also increasing your aerobic threshold. This way you can improve your rides and your fitness all at once.
The second way your SONDORS can up your fitness is by using different modes to increase and decrease the level of assistance. On a climb, reduce the pedal assist to create a training zone that increases your heart rate and puts you into an anaerobic threshold. Here’s where you increase your Vo2 max and the length at which you can sustain your maximum output. This helps when you’re sprinting, or simply getting up over that last bit of hill. After you crest, you can increase the assistance, and drop back down into the aerobic zone. This is perfect for burning fat in low-intensity long rides since you’ll be using any excess fat as fuel.
Because e-bikes are heavy, your entire body--especially your core--will have to work to stay upright. Your core muscles will engage as you balance your SONDORS and maneuver around corners. Similarly, your joints and bones will be strengthened by what is essentially a weight-bearing exercise.
Riding your SONDORS will improve your cardiovascular fitness, improving the efficiency of your heart, your lungs, your blood vessels, and your blood pressure. Like all forms of exercise, it’ll also improve many other aspects of your health, including your blood sugar processing and resistance to cancer.
Another benefit to riding your SONDORS relates to your mental health. E-biking is a great way to ease your mind into a sense of security, and research has shown that regular exercise helps with depression, anxiety, and stress. That’s because during exercise, your body releases endorphins, and you enter that awesome mindfulness state. You’re completely present in the moment--focusing entirely on what you’re doing--creating a distraction from the worries that may normally preoccupy your mind.
We’ve seen many members of our SONDORS community improve their overall fitness through riding. It’s a great way to get a full body workout no matter your age, gender, or ability. So here’s to your health and vitality, because life’s a ride, and you gotta love your ride!

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