From Novice to Know-It-All: 5 Tips for Riding Electric


In the past week alone, we’ve seen countless people all over the country make the switch to electric transportation. From making the shift away from public transit to enjoying some much needed time outdoors while still maintaining social distancing, enjoying the many perks of riding SONDORS has never been more evident.

So, for those of you who are new to e-biking, we want you to get the most out of your experience.

Here are five tips to start you on your way to a long and exciting relationship with your electric bike.


1. Motor Up

Essentially, an e-bike is just like a standard bike except with built-in’s got a motor.

It’s a bike with an electric motor and a throttle.  If you know how to ride a bike, then you know how to ride an e-bike. The motor, however, really elevates the riding experience.  

You can still pedal your heart out, but you won’t have to struggle uphill.  Or you can take a leisurely ride and let your SONDORS do all the work. 

Ultimately, an electric bike gives you more freedom, ease of riding, speed, and power...right at your fingertips.  


2. Treat It Like It’s Your Baby

Well, you won’t have to handle your SONDORS with kid gloves, but you’ll want to show it some consistent care so it always operates at its best and for years to come.

Did you know that statistically, e-bikers travel longer distances than cyclists?

This means you could clock hundreds of miles within the first couple of weeks on your SONDORS.

Fortunately, taking care of your electric bike is quite simple.

Check out SONDORS Care and Maintenance videos here


3. Protect Your Investment

SONDORS fit in the super stylin’ category, and definitely deliver on the “curb appeal”.

Sometimes that appeal catches the eye of the wrong kind:  Thieves.

These characters will gladly take your e-bike off your hands if given the opportunity.

So we encourage you to always:

  • Secure your SONDORS with a high-quality bike lock.

 — OR —

  • Maintain close proximity to your electric bike if it isn’t locked and secured. And, refrain from leaving it “on” or consider removing the battery to curtail a quick snatch. (we’ve sadly known this to happen to SONDORS owners) 

We also recommend that you register the serial number associated with your SONDORS the moment you take ownership. 

Nearly $10m in stolen bikes has been recovered, and it’s 100% free to register, either with your local law enforcement or use our SONDORS Owners database right here.


4.  Store Your Battery Indoors

The battery is actually the most important part of an e-bike.

Without it, there’s nothin’ electric about it. 

So make sure whenever you aren’t on a riding adventure, and your SONDORS is kept outdoors, that you create the habit of storing your battery indoors.

Thankfully with our proprietary SONDORS design, it only takes seconds to remove the battery.

Just pop it out, and take it with you.


5. Expand Your Horizons


It’s a whole new level of excitement once you feel the power of an electric bike for the first time.

I’m always one to encourage getting out of your comfort zone.

Perhaps you still have access to trails, nearby mountains or places in your neighborhood you’ve been wanting to ride.

However you can, getting outdoors is one of the best ways to benefit your mental health and overall well-being — responsibly and creatively, always maintaining recommended social distancing and avoiding densely populated areas. 

Wherever life takes us, remember that we're in this together, and SONDORS is up for the challenge.

Life’s a Ride. Love Your Ride.  





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