My Life-Saving Electric Bike Prediction


I love reading about other people’s passions.

And especially when they align with my passions.

(i.e. electric bikes)

Recently, I saw a comment posted on Electric Bike Review (EBR). 

And, this post shifted my perspective on electric bikes.

In fact, this post inspired my latest prediction about electric bikes.

And if you read the post (below), it could change your perspective too.

Here’s the post I’m talking about:

I ride an ebike for: one less car, for the exercise, for the antidepressant effect of getting out into the sunshine and fresh air, for the meeting of people who become fascinated with the possibility that they, too, could use their car less and live better for it, and I like the maintenance. An ebike or regular bike requires discipline and care to maintain and ride properly.”

What part stuck with me so much?

When he talked about meeting new people who could become fascinated with electric bikes, and buy one so they’ll use their car less.

When I first came up with the idea that became SONDORS, I hadn’t thought about how just riding an electric bike could make such a huge impact on someone.

And honestly, I don’t think most people have thought about it either.

Because, for the most part, the more obvious benefits of owning an electric bike are simple. 

*Getting more exercise with less effort

*Instantly gaining more freedom in life

*And transforming your life every single time you ride with the new places you go, new things you see, and all the new experiences you have  ‒‒ which you may not have had otherwise.

But here’s what I think most people don’t consider:

The fact that they might change someone else’s life by simply riding past them.

Just think about it:

If you own an electric bike, (especially a head-turning SONDORS) you might pass someone with an injury… you might pass someone with a medical condition… or you might simply pass someone who wants to get outside and exercise more.

And when you pass them?

It might inspire them to make the life-changing decision to buy an electric bike too.

So you won’t just change your own life from riding, but you could potentially spark a positive change someone else’s life too. 

Because here’s the truth:

Obesity in the U.S. is at an all time high.

Stress related health issues are on the rise.

And sometimes all that’s needed is a simple way to get moving for a life to change (physically and mentally) for good!

So, here’s my prediction:

Electric bikes will save more lives in the coming years than anyone ever knows.

Because it’s a chain reaction.

You ride past a group of people and someone decides to buy one...

Then the new owner rides past someone and another person buys one… 

And on… and on it goes.


If you own an electric bike, (most especially a SONDORS) thank you.

You may have already saved lives from just riding around and enjoying your life.

And I know the more you ride, the more lives you are potentially saving.

Now, if you’re reading this and aren’t riding one yet, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to transform your life, and perhaps someone else’s too.

If that sounds good to you, head to the link below and check out one of SONDORS most popular electric bikes ‒‒ SONDORS Fold X

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