My SONDORS Life: Featuring Louisa Bird


Owner Spotlight Featuring Louisa Bird, in Bordon, Hampshire


In what way has being a SONDORS owner impacted your life the most?

My SONDORS have rekindled my love for cycling, and have enabled me to cycle to work (via an excellent mostly offroad route) whenever I like.


What type of rider would you describe yourself as?

Offroad commuter, part-time adventurer


What SONDORS do you ride?

An Original and a Thin


What's your favorite thing about your SONDORS?

Fun! Riding these bikes is just a blast, every time.


What advice would you give to someone who is hesitant about riding an electric bike?

Just do it - it's too much fun to miss out on!


Is there anything about your SONDORS that surprised you?

How much attention the Original gets when I'm out and about. Pretty much every walker I pass on my offroad travels comments on the size of the tyres!


I love the fat tyre Original SONDORS which I've had for some time, as it means I can have a blast commuting to work (mostly offroad, luckily for me, because it's a lot of fun!). I've also just purchased a Thin for mainly road use, which will really come into its own in the winter months when the mud takes over on the forest paths I cover during the warmer times of year. You can spend more money on bikes with sleeker components, but these bikes are excellent value for money in terms of the fun factor!


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