My SONDORS Life: Featuring Marc-Olivier Malépart


Owner Spotlight Featuring Marc-Olivier Malépart, in Ottawa, Canada


In what way has being a SONDORS owner impacted your life the most?

I feel nice when I go to work. I've left all the anger of being stuck in traffic behind me. I can't think about using a car again. I enjoy my morning ride and after work I get home earlier! I save money on parking, on gas, on car payments, insurance and on gym pass! Go green with SONDORS = save lot of money!


What type of rider would you describe yourself as?

From a "no-bike" to "full time commuter" (even in Canada winter!)


What SONDORS do you ride?

We have two SONDORS Fold X — one for me and one for my wife.


What's your favorite thing about your SONDORS?

SONDORS are the most stylish, reliable and cost-effective on the market.


What advice would you give to someone who is hesitant about riding an electric bike?

Why would someone be hesitant? Even if you can reach nice speed without pedaling, you have the control on your work-out. You can fight the wind and the hills if you like, but you can also "suppress" those obstacles if you like. You can keep 20mph even in climbing those hill or with the wind in the face!


Is there anything about your SONDORS that surprised you?

The torque! After a year and a half, I'm getting in shape... but still, I'm not sure who's the more powerful... me or my Fold X!? Together, we pull a trailer and both my kids (4-7) everyday to school and kindergarden.


My SONDORS have replaced my car. I bring my kid to school and even do grocery with my trailer. I thought it would be hard to change my habits...I was wrong! I love my new lifestyle. I can do it everyday in harsh Canadian winter, with asthma, knee problems and with my kids in the trailer... What is stopping you from going green?


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