My SONDORS Life: Featuring March 2019 Photo Contest Winner Kenny Marks


Owner Spotlight Featuring March 2019 Photo Contest Winner Kenny Marks

I was skeptical (as a 50+ year regular cyclist) when my wife urged me to throw down on the first SONDORS crowdsourced offering for the original one-speed eBike. I received my SONDORS Original the very week promised and have happily commuted on it five miles each way to our small town in Western Colorado.

It’s a gas to ride (so different than anything else) I could see the possibilities for all kinds of eBike fun right away; and now have two full-on electric mountain bikes, and commuters for myself and wife. You could say we are “big Fans” of ebiking and our SONDORS introduction to E-Fun”.

SONDORS is an exciting company with great innovative products!

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