Pedaling Through The Pandemic


During unprecedented times such as these, there isn’t a blueprint for how we’re to best respond, so we rely on experts to offer the most effective roadmap. We’ve searched out some expert advice to shape answers to some frequently asked questions. May these answers help you responsibly navigate the pandemic while still getting outside to reap the benefits of riding your SONDORS.


I’m a healthy rider under the age of 70. Is it safe for me to continue riding?

Experts encourage riding as long as you practice proper social distancing. Aim for the recommended six feet at a minimum. If you touch something, avoid touching your face. When you arrive home, wash your hands and your handle bars as well.


I’m a healthy rider over the age of 70. Is it safe for me to continue riding?

Yes, and...use extra caution. The latest advice strongly suggests higher risk groups to stay at home. If you need to get out for a ride, go at a quieter time of day or to a not-so-beaten path. Reduce your contact with others and reduce your risk of exposure.


My workplace is still open and requires me being there. Should I ride to work?

If you’re needed at work, then riding to work is a healthier option than public transportation. You’ll be limiting your exposure and reducing overcrowding.


Can I ride to the shopping areas?

Fortunately we can still go shopping for essentials, and the ride there is always liberating. However, many counties and states have mandated facial masks in any public gathering area such as a grocery store, so be prepared to cover your face.


Can I ride with a friend if we live in the same household?

Yes, as long as you’re both feeling well, but it’s still recommended that you play it safe in each other’s company, and that you wash your hands after any activity outside of your home.


Can I ride with a friend if we don’t live in the same household?

That isn’t recommended. Remember, either one of you could be infected without being symptomatic.


Is it ok to go for a ride with my kids?

Yes, as long as you all live together under one roof. If you’re not self-isolating because of illness symptoms, then you’re not at risk to one another. It’s safe to ride together...just bear the above guidelines in mind.


What advice should I give to my children if they are well and want to go for a ride?

If they’re old enough to ride on their own and to practice the guidelines, then they’re good to go.

Overall, be sure to check your local public health recommendations and the current state health mandates in your area before heading anywhere for a ride. They seem to change on the regular.

(You can find a directory of state health departments here)

We always want what’s best for our SONDORS community, and trust that these answers will help you stay safe while out there making the most of it.

Ride well. Be well. We’re all in this together.

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