My SONDORS Life: John Willis Proves You Can Lose Weight Riding an E-Bike

SONDORS and SONDORS Owners are here to "bust the myth" that you don't get exercise when you ride an electric bike.

All SONDORS owners know "the real truth" – you can get as much exercise as you want!

When you own an electric bike, you are much more likely to get out and ride, and ride farther than traditional bike owners. What's more, studies show that 93% of electric bike owners become weekly or daily riders. 

What makes owning an e-bike so beautiful (and if it's a SONDORS – jaw-droppingly beautiful) is that the choice is totally yours.

With SONDORS, you can cruise effortlessly with the push of your throttle, or you can ride using varying levels of pedal assist, 1-5 depending on how much you want to sweat. If you're feeling the beast within, you can turn off all electric assistance and grind your way to buns of steel! 

Or, you can simply start by pulling yourself off the couch and begin riding your way to your ideal goal of health and wellness. All while sporting the famous SONDORS smile...


Much like our friend and SONDORS Owner John Willis – who generously shares his personal, heartfelt success story below: 


"I spent 18 years gaining weight. I was a caregiver for my Parents. I used that as an excuse to stop exercising.

My Dad passed away in 2009 and my Mom passed in 2017. I spent almost a full year feeling lost, not exercising even though I had my SONDORS Fatty since March 2017.

May 2018 I finally moved to a new location with better access to safe roads to ride on. Since May of this year I have rode over 1340 miles and lost just over 30lbs.

I still have a long way to go. I had to change my eating habits and most importantly, I had to get off the couch!  

I started at 306lbs. Im now just south of 275lbs. What I have noticed was the increase in my metabolism and if you know what an "A1C #" is, mine was 7.5 and as of my last lab results I now have an A1C of 6.1.

I'm not out of the woods just yet but, I'm headed in the right direction.

Thank you SONDORS!"


Thank you for sharing John - we love you!

Keep up the great work, and thank you for being the best part of SONDORS! 

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