SONDORS Spring Maintenance


We’ve officially entered the best time to be an electric bike owner.

The cold weather is fading, and the perfect riding weather is here. (or just right around the corner). 

And if you’re a SONDORS owner, I know you’re ready to jump straight on and go for a ride.

Before you power up your SONDORS for its spring maiden voyage, check out these tips below to get you ready to love the ride (again): 

1. Charge It Up

To ensure an epic adventure, be sure to charge your SONDORS to full capacity before you get riding.  

2. Give Your Tires New Life

If your electric bike has been waiting patiently in storage, that probably means the tires have lost some pressure.

Not to worry, just quickly inflate them to the recommended PSI on the side of your tires.


3. Remember To Check The Essentials

This means, check:

  • That you can change into each gear easily. If not, quickly clean and lubricate the chain on your SONDORS. 
  • That your brakes are working properly. To do this, simply squeeze the brakes and make sure they give you a solid amount of stopping power. If not, it means you need to add tension to your cables or adjust your brake calipers.​
  • Give your SONDORS a complete fork to fender inspection and make sure all the nuts and bolts are snug.


For additional maintenance tips check out our SONDORS Care and Maintenance videos here.

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