Depleted Energizer Bunny

    Depleted Energizer Bunny...  That’s exactly how I felt this afternoon. I woke up full of energy. I felt great. But when I got to the afternoon, I felt so sluggish, all I wanted to do was take a nap. I still wanted to get outside somehow, even if only for a couple minutes. Funny enough, me feeling sluggish...

My SONDORS Life: Featuring Tom Thie

  Owner Spotlight Featuring Tom Thie, in Cincinnati, Ohio   How long have you been a SONDORS Owner? Don't know. Maybe 5 years. I'm waiting on my fourth bike. Can't wait, send it soon!   In what way has being a SONDORS owner impacted your life the most? Well, I've lost almost 100 pounds in 5 years and am off the BP meds....

My SONDORS Life: John Willis Proves You Can Lose Weight Riding an E-Bike

SONDORS and SONDORS Owners are here to "bust the myth" that you don't get exercise when you ride an electric bike. All SONDORS owners know "the real truth" – you can get as much exercise as you want! When you own an electric bike, you are much more likely to get out and ride, and ride farther than traditional bike owners. What's more,...

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