My Life-Saving Electric Bike Prediction

  I love reading about other people’s passions. And especially when they align with my passions. (i.e. electric bikes) Recently, I saw a comment posted on Electric Bike Review (EBR).  And, this post shifted my perspective on electric bikes. In fact, this post inspired my latest prediction about electric bikes. And if you read the post (below), it could change...

Choosing the Better Stress Relief Technique

  So a couple years back I used to love driving my car at night to relieve the stress of the day. There was nobody around me. Nobody to bother me. It was just me and the road ahead (...well, at least I thought so.) But after going out a few times, I never did again. And the reason why...

Depleted Energizer Bunny

    Depleted Energizer Bunny...  That’s exactly how I felt this afternoon. I woke up full of energy. I felt great. But when I got to the afternoon, I felt so sluggish, all I wanted to do was take a nap. I still wanted to get outside somehow, even if only for a couple minutes. Funny enough, me feeling sluggish...

My SONDORS Life: Featuring Marc-Olivier Malépart

  Owner Spotlight Featuring Marc-Olivier Malépart, in Ottawa, Canada   In what way has being a SONDORS owner impacted your life the most? I feel nice when I go to work. I've left all the anger of being stuck in traffic behind me. I can't think about using a car again. I enjoy my morning ride and after work I get home earlier!...

Meet a Smart Owner Making a Fun Living with His SONDORS

  Owner Spotlight Featuring Jack's E-bike Tours   I am a professional bicycle and motorcycle rider. I use SONDORS fabulous fat tire electric bikes on my tours, the best electric bikes in the world! I take tourists from all over the world on tours of Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, and Los Angeles. I am a long time resident of the west side...

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