Taking A SONDORS Stay-cation


How can one possibly take a stay-cation during a worldwide quarantine lockdown? It’s actually totally do-able, and requires only two things: Your SONDORS and your adventurous spirit.

Here’s the deal. Things are strained for many of us right now: Socially, financially, and emotionally. Yet there’s some saving grace. We have our physical bodies, our active imagination, and a killer thing called an e-bike. It’s the perfect alchemy for creating a soul-stirring stay-cation to help keep you sane and stoke your inner fire.

We see a multitude of benefits to taking a SONDORS Stay-cation. Read below to get inspired, and get on your way...


Feel Vital + Alive

The first thing to do when you get outside is to consciously breathe in the fresh spring air. This always motivates, invigorates, and sets the stage for a great ride. When you start pedaling, you begin circulating your blood and moving a current of energy. When your heart rate accelerates, you can’t help but feel vital and alive. By moving your body, you’re keeping it fit and toned, and a fit body always means you’re operating optimally.


Find Your Zen

Have you ever been in a bad mood while riding your e-bike? It’s impossible! This is where you find your zen. Riding is a sure-fire way to clear your mind, awaken your sense of freedom, release stress and anxiety, and keep your vibe high. After you ride for at least a half an hour, you enter the flow state. When you’re “in the zone”, the feeling of time vanishes, and you basically forget about everything but the moment.


Discover Something New

There are few things more invigorating to the human spirit than when you discover something new. So when you’re out riding, why not make an unexpected turn in the neighborhood, or chart a course for exploring a different mountain path? New sensory stimulation is good for the brain, and good for your well-being. And while you’re in new terrain, perhaps take some photos or shoot a video and share them with friends. It’s a great way to stay connected while you’re physically apart.

After all my years on this planet, I know this for sure: There’s always “gold in the middle” of every challenging experience. Some good is bound to come from this intense pandemic.

So for now, take the wheels turning in your head, and put them on the road. It’s SONDORS Stay-cation time!

Life’s a Ride. Love Your Ride.



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