Choosing the Better Stress Relief Technique


So a couple years back I used to love driving my car at night to relieve the stress of the day.

There was nobody around me.

Nobody to bother me.

It was just me and the road ahead (...well, at least I thought so.)

But after going out a few times, I never did again.

And the reason why is, the traffic where I live is so unpredictable, it makes me go crazy.

You see, back then ‒‒‒ when I only had a few hours every day to myself ‒‒‒ there was only one time I was able to go on my drive.

And it was exactly when work let out.

Ironically, my “stress relief” technique became the most stressful thing ever.

People driving way too fast.

Bumper to bumper traffic.

Not a fun time by any means.

But fast-forward to today:

Thank goodness I now have a better way of relieving my stress, and I can still go nearly everywhere my car can.

I don’t have to feel like I’m stuck seeing the world through a windshield. 

I don’t have to deal with traffic.

And, I get to enjoy fresh air the entire time.

What is this “better way of relieving stress” I’m referring to?

Riding my SONDORS.

It’s quite literally the best stress reliever (for me at least)

It beats going on walks because I can go ten times further and see more beautiful sights… It beats going on a run because I don’t always have the energy to exert myself that much… and it definitely beats staying inside and watching TV.

Of course, you may not have the same experience.

But I’d be quite surprised if you don’t come off your first electric bike ride with a huge grin on your face. And funny enough, the electric bike I’ve been riding is the same one SONDORS owners have been calling the best electric bike they’ve ever ridden.

(Probably because it’s a folding electric bike too)


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