The "Myth" Doctors Used to Tell Me


Growing up I was always told these two things:

  1. Eat your vegetables
  2. They fight diseases 

And while I’ve found it’s extremely important, I also found that it’s part myth.

Because I’ve found something equally (if not more important)

What is it?

Simply getting outside.

I know, it sounds extremely common sense, but there are so many people who don’t get outside for even a couple minutes everyday ‒‒‒ and even if they do, it’s just to get in their car or walk into their house.

It’s just not enough.

And, as studies show, not getting enough sunlight is not only robbing you of your health.

But it’s robbing you of your happiness too.

There are many books written on it too.

Like “The Miracle Of Fasting” by Paul C. Bragg where he says “We thrive off the sun, it relaxes us, neutralized negative ions and helps us access more of our higher consciousness.”

And while I don’t know everything that means, I do know one thing.

Getting out in the sun is my daily therapy.

It’s what relieves all my stress from the day.

And it’s what makes me feel alive, even if the earlier parts of the day made me feel like a zombie.

So if you’re not doing it already, try getting outside ‒‒‒ even if it’s just for a few minutes ‒‒‒ every day.

I think you’ll find it to be the best natural therapy you’ve experienced.

And if you want a completely effortless way to get outside, get your exercise, feel alive, and get your what our members having coined as their “SONDORS therapy” ‒‒‒ invest in a SONDORS.

Because yes, an electric bike is an investment in your happiness.

And it’s an investment which will lead to making new friends.

But most importantly, it’s an investment in your health.

And who can put a price on that?

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