The weird electric bike “cheater” debate


A big argument stirring up controversy between cyclists is this whole electric bike vs. normal cycling debate.

Both sides seem to be pretty passionate about it too.

And even though I don’t really care about this argument.

Since it’s gotten to a point where people are literally calling each other names, I thought I’d give my opinion on it.

So here it is:

First off, trying to compare normal cycling and electric bike riding is like comparing coffee and fish.

There is no comparison.

Cyclists love to push their body to the max, mostly every time.

Electric bike riders don’t.

Cyclists don’t have a motor.

Electric bike riders do.

Cyclists can’t zoom up hills with ease.

Electric bike riders can.

And this is where the argument can get pretty heated.

Some (not all) cyclists think having a motor is completely cheating. They act as if we are trying to beat them or something. It’s almost like when we zoom past them, their pride get smashed into pieces. 

It gets them so annoyed at times, they feel the need to say something.

Like this popular line.

“Look at that cheater”


“A motor is just cheating”

When I hear that, it doesn’t make any sense.

Because really, who are we cheating? We aren’t in a race with you. And we most certainly have different goals from one another.

If you’re a normal cyclist, you might be trying to compete in the Tour De France.

But me, with my electric bike?

I’m just trying to get outside after a long stressful day at work, and let go of my responsibilities ‒‒‒ even if just for a couple minutes. Plus, I love feeling the fresh breeze against my skin, but I don’t love wearing my body out so much, I can barely move and perform the next day.

My electric bike is daily therapy for me.

And I’m not going to ride a regular bike just to prove something.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to this:

Electric bikes adapt with you, no matter where you are in life.

Normal bikes don’t.

If a cyclist somehow breaks a bone or gets a serious injury, there’s a slight chance they’ll be back on their multi-thousand dollar bike anytime soon. But with an electric bike ‒‒‒ if you get injured or currently have health issues ‒‒‒ you could be back out there within a matter of days.

Now, what do I say when they call me “cheater”?

I just smile, wave, and if I’m feeling really adventurous ‒‒‒ I’ll zoom past them on a hill with a nice big grin on my face too (... it’s probably the best feeling in the world)


If you own an electric bike, and you’ve been called a cheater, good.

Because the only person they’re cheating is themselves.

And when it’s all said and done ‒‒‒ if you own an electric bike ‒‒‒ you’ll end off every ride with a smile on your face, instead of feeling completely destroyed.


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