SONDORS Owners Celebrating Their "SONDORS Anniversary"


One of many things I love about our owners, is how much they care about their SONDORS.

For example:

Some owners celebrate their “SONDORS Anniversary”

Here’s a post from one of our original Indiegogo backers, and prominent members of the “Sondors Storm Owners Group” on Facebook, Mike Ritchie:

“Commemorating the first Indiegogo campaign. This is from 4 years ago when we got our first SONDORS.”

I absolutely love that SONDORS plays such a huge part in our owners daily lives.

Their SONDORS isn't just an electric bike to them.

It's an essential part of their life.

In fact, a lot of SONDORS owners feel the need to take pictures every new place they visit with their SONDORS, and some even mark their calendars to celebrate their SONDORS anniversaries.

It’s truly amazing to see.

Anyway, that's the good news.

The bad news?

Some of you haven’t been on your SONDORS first date.

Are you ready to change that?

If so, then have your first date with the “SONDORS” every newbie and long-time SONDORS lover alike, can’t get enough of...SONDORS Step

Chances are good, it will be love at first ride. 


Storm Sondors