Tips & Tricks for Unlimited Smiles Per Hour



Unlimited Smiles Per Hour

The instant you ride a SONDORS, you know you've never felt anything like it. You have the freedom of full-electric power with a simple press of a thumb throttle, or the option of electric pedal assist cycling. When it comes to range, every SONDORS comes stacked with more than enough power for most daily commutes and adventures. But at SONDORS, we’re all about unlimited smiles per hour, so we’ve sourced and adapted a few awesome tips to increase your range from Electric Bike Report.

1.  Make sure your battery is fully charged. Sometimes it is easy to forget about charging your battery after a hard day at work.  Create a routine so that you immediately plug in your battery when you get home.

2.  Pedal harder. This may be obvious but it needs to be mentioned.  For instance you may need to run some extra errands and realize that you don’t have that much juice (charge in your battery) left.  You could reduce the assist setting (or use less throttle) and pedal more to compensate for a low battery.  

Another big tip is to pedal harder at the right time.  A lot of energy is consumed when you accelerate from a stop.  If you pedal hard to get your SONDORS off the line this will help conserve your battery energy.  Additionally, hills take a lot of energy so pedaling a little harder on the hills will help improve your range.

3.  Take it easy and enjoy a slow ride.  Wind resistance can really drain you and your battery’s energy.  If you need to extend your range, riding a little slower will reduce the wind drag.

4.  Consider a second charger. If you have a long commute to work and errands to run, you may need more range than your battery can provide.  You could have a charger at work so that you can recharge during the day.

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5.  Buy a second battery. If you have a really long commute or ride route that you like to do it may be worth buying a second battery to add to your SONDORS.

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6.  Keep your tire pressure up.  This will make a big difference in how much energy (electric and human) is required to move you and your SONDORS around. 

7.  Take care of your battery.  If you can, store your battery at room temperature.  Batteries don’t like really cold or hot temperatures.  In general it is a good idea to charge your battery often to keep it topped off.  If you don’t ride your electric bike much in the winter, store your battery fully charged and charge it every couple of months.  Try not to leave it plugged in for more than 24 hrs. Check out this great post from Storm Sondors about not “baking your SONDORS battery.”

8. Buy a SONDORS if you haven’t already. Enjoy the built-in exceptional range. Then repeat steps 1-7 :)

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