Why Electric Is Not For Everyone


If you’ve been following SONDORS for any length of time, you know our mission.

And, the mission is simple... “Electric For Everyone”

But as I was sitting down yesterday, I thought to myself:

“You know what, electric really isn’t for everyone.”

Here’s what I mean:

Electric transportation of any kind is amazing (especially electric bikes)

However, I have a sense why some people have trouble making the switch over to a more exciting and cost efficient way of getting around.

The first being price.

If someone asks you to spend $10,000+ on an electric bike, of course it’s a hard decision to make.

Seriously… that’s the price of a car.

It’s one of the reasons SONDORS caused such a ruckus back in 2015, when we introduced the first high-quality electric bike for under $1,000 (which thousands of SONDORS owners are still riding to this day)

Secondly, I hate saying it, but many electric bikes irregardless of price are just plain ugly.

Simply put, who really wants to ride an electric bike that looks like it was put together without true consideration for the way you might look while riding it ‒‒ which is pretty apparent today with carelessly exposed batteries, unappealing designs, and bargain-looking parts many electric bikes are built with. No one should have to settle for that. 

I made sure at SONDORS, we would never expect our owners to look anything but awesome.  

Every SONDORS electric bike includes top-quality components, like forged aluminum frames with integrated batteries...and exclusive SONDORS head-turning design that assures you’ll always be a starred attraction wherever you ride. 

At this point I think it’s safe to say, “ANY electric is not for everyone.”

Instead, “SONDORS is Electric For Everyone”

If you’re ready to experience the thrill of a SONDORS for yourself, ride something you know you look amazing on, and save thousands...check out 2019’s best seller Fold X at a remarkably new low price.


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