Why Now Is A Great Time To Own An E-bike


If you’ve been dreaming about purchasing a SONDORS but have been waiting for the right time, what better time than now? We’ve found five reasons why e-bikes really are the optimal mode of transportation during this “new” way of living...and beyond.


Social Distancing

E-biking is an easy way to maintain the distance, and at the same time, a great way to get fresh air and a shot of endorphins. Plus physical exercise is especially beneficial during stressful times.


Owning Verses Sharing

Scooter and bike rental companies are starting to scale back as ridership dwindles, especially since experts are indicating that the virus can remain on plastic and metal surfaces for a couple of days.


Car Traffic Plummeting

People are staying home and adhering to “non-essential” travel, and the streets have never been more inviting. We certainly think some cities could do more to protect bikers by banning car traffic from certain streets and expanding their bike lane network, but for riders who live in places with a robust cycling infrastructure, the time has never been better to break out a SONDORS.


Weather Is Improving

Time to spring it on and get outdoors! For many of us, the quarantine lockdown is creating a real itch to get out and ride. And SONDORS is the perfect all-weather-but-especially-fun-in-the-springtime vehicle for hauling picnic, hiking gear, or kiddos over long distances without breaking a sweat - unless you want to.


SONDORS Are More Affordable Than Ever

We have a mission: Electric For Everyone! Check out how we drastically dropped our prices without compromising the quality and design you’ve come to expect from SONDORS. Tens of thousands have purchased a new SONDORS without ever riding one, and now they’re obsessed. With 50,000+ riders and counting, we’re beckoning you to join the ride.


Ride hard. Stay safe. Be kind.

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