The Lowdown On The Global COVID Slowdown

  In the midst of a global pandemic, there’s an interesting phenomenon occurring: e-bike sales are soaring! When we say we’re selling out weekly—we mean it! We’ve seen some come to SONDORS because their gyms are still closed, others because they want to avoid public transportation altogether. But mostly, we’re seeing something beautiful: a craving for simple pleasures like feeling...

Misconceptions About Folding E-bikes

    The convenience of the modern day folding electric bikes cannot be denied. A folding e-bike does exactly what you’d expect it to: It folds in half. If you’ve ever tried to haul a standard bike up a flight of stairs or fit it inside a car, you’d know how challenging that can be. SONDORS Fold X, Fold XS,...

Six Tips For Climbing Steep Hills

  Many of our owners chose their SONDORS to help them climb hills and to break through headwinds with relative ease. E-bikes complement human power, so if you’re ready to broaden your horizons with your riding and take on some steep hills, here are six tips to ensure you make the most out of your climbs and have a blast!...

It's In Our DNA

  Storm Sondors Has A Very Important Message For You   Until SONDORS came around, there wasn’t an affordable premium electric bike on the market. Now, you probably see them everywhere. In a way, just by our innate nature to be radical revolutionaries, our mission of Electric For Everyone was fulfilled the minute we shifted the market in our favor....

E-Bikes Are Transforming Urban Life

  Did you know that electric bikes have been around since the late 1800s? There was even a patent for a mid-drive e-bike filed in1897. They’ve evolved significantly over the centuries, and it was only relatively recently that they’ve entered into their “modern phase.” The most recent major turning point—in 1995—was the drop in price of neodymium magnets, which gave...

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