“Best purchase I have made in a long time!!! Thanks so much SONDORS!”
Melissa D.
“SONDORS rocks…great customer service. Bike is pure fun.”
Doug B.
“SONDORS are the most stylish, reliable and cost-effective on the market.​”
Marc-Olivier M​.
“Thank ​you SONDORS, for creating the best electric bike in the world…You guys are the TESLA (Elon Musk) of the bike industry.”
Gino G.
“Riding these bikes is just a blast, every time. Every ride is a mini adventure of all of its own!”
Louisa B​.
“SONDORS, hands down, has the most efficient, COMFORTABLE, well thought out body, frame and component placements than any other ​eBikes I’ve seen.”
John F.
“Fantastic bike which has made me relove cycling again. It has a great design and is an amazingly good value.SONDORS really makes you think about just heading out when the sun shines. It’s easy to ride and I love it.”
Andrew M.
​“As a seriously spinal injured person with very limited mobility and endurance, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! My two SONDORS Fold have taken my partner and myself back into the beautiful countryside we are blessed with here in Wales— to enjoy places I thought I would never ever see again! ”
Gareth J P.
“​​My ​SONDORS have made my commutes to and from work so enjoyable. I arrive ​everyday ​with a big smile on my face​."
Glenn C.
​“Thank You Storm for building my Fold, it is great and I wouldn’t change a thing. (For me that is) my bike has around 150 miles on it, but the LCD just turned 100 miles today. Thanks again to all that produced my bike! 20 miles and only one bar!"
Doug M.
​“SONDORS, not only do you have great bikes, but you have the best customer service team!"
Kim S.


“There is not enough mention of "Thank You" to Storm and his team for creating amazing bikes and helping change battery technology that will in the long term benefit our entire planet."
Scott S.