SONDORS Fold - IN STOCK (US/Canada Only)

SONDORS Fold - IN STOCK (US/Canada Only)


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  • Type: Electric Bike
Its durable versatility, proprietary folding frame and eye-catching design are what make it a SONDORS, and the ideal choice for smart, convenient transportation no matter where you ride.
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SONDORS Fold is the latest game-changer in transportation. Its durable, versatility and eye-catching design are what make it a SONDORS. With two SONDORS proprietary, lithium-ion battery options, and an all-aluminum frame - SONDORS Fold the ideal choice for smart, convenient riding no matter where you live. In one simple fold and less than ten seconds, SONDORS Fold is ready for effortless stowage in just about any space. 

Superbly sturdy and versatile, SONDORS Fold is like no other folding electric bike on the market - built with both the city living and off-road adventures in mind, SONDORS Fold is prepared to vanquish virtually any terrain mother nature can throw at you.

The instant you ride SONDORS Fold, you know you've never experienced anything like it. With SONDORS Fold, you have the freedom of full-electric power with a simple press of a thumb throttle, or the option of minimal-effort cycling with electric pedal assist.

You can expect to turn heads with Fold’s flawless styling and superior performance while finding SONDORS Fold extraordinarily adaptable, portable and convenient. Effortlessly slide SONDORS Fold into the trunk of a car or along your side on the bus or train, and reach your destination in style without breaking a sweat.

This stunning electric bike has set the precedent in portable transportation and is the perfect extension to your current SONDORS collection. 


SONDORS Fold durable 100% aluminum unique foldable frame is a one-size-fits-most, with a maximum load capacity of 300 lbs. It weighs in at just 6 pounds, offering a total bike weight of 50 pounds. 


SONDORS Fold battery is a proprietary cylinder design. Unique to SONDORS, Fold offers a 36V 8.8 Ah battery boasting Panasonic, LG or Samsung cells and the SONDORS patented cylindrical shape, making it ingeniously slender, lightweight, and a perfect fit for Fold. 

*All range estimates are contingent upon rider and towing weight, riding style, wind speed and terrain.


SONDORS Fold packs a 350W motor, providing more than enough to power your daily commute, a cruise along the beach or a zip down your favorite trail. And with speeds up to 20 mph, SONDORS Fold will get you there with quickness and style.


SONDORS Fold is a work of art - and its tires are no exception. Measuring in at a  20 x 4.0 inches, Fold tires keep it solid while enhancing overall appearance, flexibility and handling.


SONDORS Fold comes with an LCD screen upgrade ($150 Value) - this features supplies Fold with five levels of electric pedal assist plus added torque for increased hill climbing power, greater range, and improved towing capacity. In addition, the Fold LCD screen provides a digital display offering accurate battery level, time and distance traveled, as well as outdoor temperature.


Genuine Shimano 7-Speed gear cassette with grip shifter. This feature gives SONDORS Fold an additional 7 gears for increased hill-climbing power, further range variation, and greater terrain adaptability. It’s like getting two SONDORS in one.


SONDORS Fold has an estimated battery range of up to 25 - 40 miles on a full charge. Up to 25 miles of throttle only riding and up to 40 miles when pedalling (with use of electric pedal assist)*.

    *All range estimates are contingent upon rider and towing weight, riding style, wind speed and terrain.


    You can rest assured, each component of your new SONDORS is carefully wrapped in heavy-duty protective materials and packed with love in our famous SONDORS ultra-thick, 7-layered "motorcycle-grade" box. 

    IMPORTANT: All SONDORS shown here are available for delivery in U.S. and Canada ONLY. For SONDORS available in Europe visit SONDORS Europe.